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Mark E. Berch, Chairman and in addition Corporate Executive, Service Finance Company LLC

Mark E. Berch, Chairman and in addition Corporate Executive, Service Finance Company LLC

Mark Berch is the Chairman and also President of Service Finance Company LLC, a nationwide licensed property remodeling sales finance organization, FHA Title I Lender, and additionally third-party servicer along with expertise to carry on business to all of 50 states in america and the District of Columbia.
He has devoted almost all of his adult life around the property improvement business. He has been a major in several firms that easily expanded and had been nationally acknowledged. Mark Berch was basically co-founder and additionally chief executive of an HVAC business with forty-two locations around seventeen states in america.

He was also the creator of a home security organization that operated in California, Georgia, and Illinois. This man's background and also experiences enables him to proficiently marry his in depth practical knowledge of the domestic upgrading industry with his knowledge in finance, generating the best possible funding choices both for the home improvement business and also the purchaser.

Keep reading because I have a small glossary that may help you better comprehend finance language relevant to lending products, homeowners insurance, property taxes, real-estate, investments, forex currency trading, and many others:

Gross spread

In an initial public offering (IPO), the gross spread is the difference between what the underwriters pay the issuing company per share and the per share price that investors pay. It's usually about 7%. For example, if a stock is to be offered to the public at $10 a share, the underwriters may pay the issuing company around $9.30 per share. With millions of shares being sold, the 70 cents per share adds up to millions of dollars for the investment bank.


Commodities are bulk goods and raw materials, such as grains, metals, livestock, oil, cotton, coffee, sugar, and cocoa, that are used to produce consumer products. The term also describes financial products, such as currency or stock and bond indexes.Commodities are bought and sold on the cash market, and they are traded on the futures exchanges in the form of futures contracts. Commodity prices are driven by supply and demand: When a commodity is plentiful - tomatoes in August, for example - prices are comparatively low. When a commodity is scarce because of a bad crop or because it is out of season, the price will generally be higher.You can buy options on many commodity futures contracts to participate in the market for less than it might cost you to buy the underlying futures contracts. You can also invest through commodity funds.

Go public

A corporation goes public when it issues shares of its stock in the open market for the first time, in what is known as an initial public offering (IPO). That means that at least some of the shares will be held by members of the public rather than exclusively by the investors who founded and funded the corporation initially or the current owners or management.


Dilution occurs when a company issues additional shares of stock, and as a result the earnings per share and the book value per share decline. This happens because earnings per share and book value per share are calculated by dividing the total earnings or book value by the number of existing shares. The larger the number of shares, the lower the value of each share. Lower earnings per share may trigger a selloff in the stock, lowering its price. That's one reason a company may choose to issue bonds rather than new stock to raise additional capital.Similarly, if companies merge or one buys another, earnings may be diluted if they don't increase proportionately with the combined number of shares in the newly created company.Dilution can also occur if warrants and stock options on a stock are exercised, and if convertible bonds and preferred stock the company issued are converted to common stock. Companies must report the worst-case potential for such dilution, or loss of value, to their shareholders as diluted earnings per share.


In any financial contract, the persons or institutions entering the contract on the opposite sides of the transaction are called the counterparties. For example, if you sign a contract to sell an item that you produce to a buyer, you and the buyer are counterparties to the contract.Similarly, the counterparties in financial transactions, known as forwards or swaps, are the banks or corporations that make deals between themselves to protect future cash flows or currency values.

Fast market

A fast market is one with heavy trading and rapidly changing prices in some but not necessarily all of the securities listed on an exchange or market.In this volatile environment, which might be triggered by events such as an initial public offering (IPO) that attracts an unusually high level of attention or an unexpectedly negative earnings report, the rush of business may substantially delay execution times. The probable result is that you end up paying much more or selling for much less than you anticipated if you gave a market or stop order.While choosing not to trade in a fast market is one way to reduce your risk, you might also protect yourself while seeking potential profit by giving your broker limit or stop-limit orders. That way, you have the possibility of buying or selling within a price range that's acceptable to you, but are less exposed to the frenzy of the marketplace.The term fast market is also used to describe a marketplace - typically an electronic one - where trades are executed rapidly.

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